Year 7 Quizlet Activities

    Greetings Days and months Countries Items in my school bag Classroom furniture School Subjects opinions on subjects Frequency Simple hobbies More hobbies Brothers and sisters Family members Appearance – hair and eyes Wie ist das Supertier Was kann das Supertier machen? Pets Picture Match Pets plurals Numbers 1 to 20 Numbers 21-40 Numbers […]

Year 9 Quizlet activities

Hobbies Future Tense Media – TV, cinema, computer, internet, music, mobile phone Opinions on TV, film and music Television Cinema and Films Use of computer and internet Frequency Ostwind Ostwind 2 School Life School Subjects Opinions on Subjects Timetables Celebrations Celebrations food and drink past participles presents Past tense celebrations match beginnings and […]

Year 10 Quizlet activities

Theme 1 Me, my family and my friends The verbs haben and sein Family members Qualities Qualities 2 Appearance Muss und darf nicht What do you do with friends? Sentence starters Theme 1 Identity and Culture Sub-theme Free Time Activities Role play at the restaurant Role play going to the cinema Sport conversation Cinema and […]

Year 11 Quizlet Vocabulary Activities

Theme 1 Festivals and Celebrations Festivals Christmas Theme 1 New Technology Use of mobile phone Use of computer and internet Theme 3 Jobs and Careers 1 Jobs and Careers 2 New technology Post 16 Work and Study Environment – Recycling Environment – Energy Environment – Pollution 1 Environment – pollution 2 Year 11 Voluntary Work […]


SPEAKING PRACTICE – HEALTH healthy-and-unhealthy-living-photocards-practice speaking-booklet-health-and-fitness HEALTH VOCAB word-mat-health-and-fitness vocab-illnesses intro-paragraph sport-info-sheet-2016 gesundes-essen-landscape   SCHOOL – VOCAB vocab-subjects-and-opinions school-rules-and-school-uniform-and-describing-timetables my-school-vocab questions-about-school FAMILY VOCAB familienprobleme-info-sheet how-to-say-how-you-get-on-with-people-vocab-and-two-texts familienverhaltnisse-family-relationships-reading-tasks HOME LIFE VOCAB        

A level ‘Der Vorleser’

bernhard_schlink bernhard_schlink bernhard_schlink_11-17 bernhard_schlink_answers bernhard_schlink_ii_5-10 bernhard_schlink_teil_2 bernhard_schlink2 bernhard_schlink bbernhard_schlink introbernhard_schlinkintrocharakterisiere_die_personen_im_buchcharakterisiere_die_personen_im_buch_answers_hannacharakterisiere_die_personen_im_buch_answers_michaelder_vorleser_nebenfigurender_vorleser_overview_of_1_teilder_vorleser_overview_of_2_teilder_vorleser_overview_of_3_teilder_vorleser_quotesdie_rezeption_von_dem_romandie_stute_von_majdanek_vocab

Year 9 Celebrations

Homework wb June 12th Grid to complete: Online Reading Task Celebrations 2. Link to blog texts to find the answer Mein Lieblingsfest       Online interactive exercises to practise vocabulary GENERAL FESTIVALS Festivals picture match Celebrations Crossword Hangman Festivals Festivals Teacher Invaders   GEBURTSTAG     (BIRTHDAY) What would you like for your birthday Picture […]